Breakfast Lovers

What’s Your Favorite Breakfast Recipe?

We are looking for tasty breakfast recipes that we will share with the MBMK community. If you have an awesome recipe that you’d like to share then submit this Breakfast Lovers Recipe Submission form, or if you’d like to suggest a blogger to be featured submit this Blogger Suggestion form.    We will feature our favorite recipes and bloggers across our platforms in May 2018.  Feel free to share the form with the breakfast lovers in your life.

Submission Guidelines

All recipe submissions must include:

  1. Ingredients list & preparation instructions
  2. Number of servings in recipe and/or serving size
  3. At least 1 photo (submitted to DropBox or via email)
  4. Optional: Macronutrients (calories, protein, fats & carbohydrates) per serving.  You can use the  MyFitnessPal recipe box  or the SparkPeople  Recipe Nutrition Calculator to estimate the macronutrients.

Submissions promoting specific products will not be eligible.


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