Meal Prep: Sauteed Chicken Chunks, Brown Rice & Broccoli

Meal prep: Sauteed chicken chunks, brown rice with corn, green peas, along with steamed broccoliHere’s another quick meal prep idea you can use if you’re in a rush.  In this meal we have chunks of chicken breast sauted in coconut oil, cayenne pepper, salt, pepper, paprika and garlic powder; brown rice with green onions, corn and green peas lightly sauteed in a pinch of olive oil; steamed broccoli.  By cutting up the breast into chunks, you create a larger surface area for the spices to cover the meat.  The result: More flavor in each bite!  The coconut oil also adds a great flavor to the chicken.

Shopping List
Black Pepper
Brown Rice
Cayenne Pepper
Coconut Oil
Chicken Breast (about 4-5 oz per serving)
Corn (frozen or fresh kernels)
Garlic Powder
Green Onions
Green Peas
Olive Oil
Red Pepper Flakes

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