Peckings: A Taste of the Caribbean Free e-Cookbook

Peckings-e-cookbook-a-taste-of-the-caribbeanPeckings: A Taste of the Caribbean is a compilation of Caribbean themed recipes and is inspired by the diverse cultures of the Caribbean.  Peckings is the first FREE e-cookbook offered by My Body, Kitchen (MBMK) and is the precursor to the MBMK Around the World cookbook series.

What’s in Peckings?

Peckings includes 5 recipes that all use fresh ingredients and spices that can be purchased in most supermarkets.  Each recipe contains the dish’s macronutrient information (calories, fat, proteins and carbohydrates) and includes a pairing suggestion that we think will complement the dish.  All the recipes are naturally gluten-free; Peckings also has recipes for those who are interested in vegan, high-protein, low-carb or vegetarian dishes.
Peckings-ecookbook-Taste -List-Table-of-Contents


One of our favorite recipes from Peckings is the Garlic Mashed Green Bananas.  This dish is inspired by the Puerto Rican plantain-based dish called mofongo, but uses boiled bananas and in place of fried plantains.


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