We are very new to the world of blogging but we figured there are some people who may be interested in starting their own blog or who just are interested in what goes on behind the scenes at My Body, My Kitchen.  On this page, we’ll share any helpful resources we come across in our journey to provide you with the best experience My Body, My Kitchen can offer.

Starting a Blog: Web Hosting & Themes

DreamHost – In order to have a webiste or blog, the actual content must live somewhere.  At present, the My Body, My Kitchen blog is hosted by DreamHost.  We also purchased our domain name from them.  We know there  are more affordable and even free options out there, but DreamHost seemed to be a good fit for us for now.


WordPress Themes – WordPress is the open source website creation tool that we used to create our website.  WordPress has thousands of free themes in addition to premium themes that you can purchase.  The theme running on our website is a free WordPress theme called Nirvana.  WordPress also has thousands of plugins to help you customize your website.


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