Meal Prep: Dandelion Greens, Chicken with Veggies in White Wine Sauce & Red Rice

Meal Prep - Dandelion Greens, Red Rice, Chicken with VegetablesAnother yummy meal prep!  Dandelion greens are one of our new favorite leafy vegetables and here we’re having it with red rice and our chicken and veggies in a white wine sauce (the veggies not shown). Keep an eye out for our upcoming post on the nutritional benefits of red rice.

Meal Prep Nutrition Info

Dandelion Greens with Mushrooms (6-oz serving): 113 Cals; 22g Carb; 5g Fat; 5g Protein
Chicken with White Wine Sauce & 3/4 cup of vegetables (veggies not shown): 152 Cals; 13g Carb; 6g Fat; 14g Protein
Red Rice (1/2 Cup serving): 108 Cals; 23g Carbs 3g Protein; 1g Fat

Meal Totals: 373 Cals, 58g carbs, 14g fats, 20g protein

Shopping List

Spices & Herbs
Black Pepper
Poultry Seasoning
Red Pepper Flakes
Salmon Filets

Olive Oil
Red Rice
Vegetable Broth
White Cooking Wine

Vegetables & Fruits
Baby Portobello Mushrooms
Cherry Tomatoes
Dandelion Greens
Ginger root
Red Bell Pepper

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