MBMK + MyBestBox

We are continuously seeking for opportunities to empower our readers to live a healthier lifestyle.  For some, getting started with meal prep and cooking can be a bit challenging, however, we are excited to announce that we have found a way to make your cooking experience more manageable and convenient.

mbb logoMy Body, My Kitchen has partnered with mybestbox  to bring you a line of thoughtfully packaged boxes which contain cooking essentials that will make your time in the kitchen a breeze.  We worked very closely with mybestbox to create the mybestkitchen line which includes the mybestoils box and the mybestkitchen box.  Stay tuned for more information and for the launch date of the mybestkitchen line.


mybestboxAbout MyBestBox
(MBB) is a lifestyle brand that helps people jump-start and maintain healthy lifestyles in a way that is convenient and affordable.  MBB assembles boxes with essential, high-quality products that cover a broad range of health and wellness areas. From healthy sleeping to healthy cooking, MBB offers a wide array of box themes that will transform your lifestyle whether you subscribe or purchase only one box.  Additionally, MBB researches current market trends and best practices for healthy living and publishes these findings on their website’s blog.  MBB donates portions of profit to feeding the underprivileged in Baltimore and to organizations providing clean water to people in Africa.


About MyBodyMyKitchen

I'm Sean, founder of My Body My Kitchen (MBMK). I am dedicated to empowering my readers to live a healthy life. The food we eat and how it is prepared greatly affects our health. Through MBMK I empower my readers to take control of their health by providing them with the tools need to take control of your kitchens. I started MBMK in January 2015, after an overwhelming demand for my recipes on my personal Instagram account.

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